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“Katie Hammond is not only an incredible improviser and teacher, she also has a real gift for creating an incredible, safe environment that fosters openness and creativity. Her workshop was not only fun but facilitated cooperation and camaraderie among our group. Our group still remembers and laughs about things that we did on the date of her workshop. We would absolutely have Katie come back for more workshops in the future!”

  • Matthew G. Corcoran (Corporate Workshop Participant) 

“I had the pleasure of working with Katie at my office for a team activity. She’s a gifted teacher who knows exactly how to make everyone feel comfortable letting loose! Her people skills are unparalleled. I had such a great time that I signed up for a class with her as well. Anyone would be lucky to learn from her!” 

  • Aliza Small (Corporate Workshop Participant) 

“Katie Hammond is a dream of a facilitator. The depth and breadth of her experience as an improviser alone is impressive. She has a trick or exercise for any possible situation. But her skills as a presenter and instructor are unmatched. Her energy and ability to connect with participants makes it impossible to not participate. She is infectious and engaging. Recommend 100%.” 

  • Laura Westman  (Corporate Workshop Participant) 


“Katie Hammond is one of the best trainers that I’ve worked with over the past ten years.  She created a workshop for our group that was filled with inspiration, growth and connection. I highly recommend her as a trainer and I’m the lookout for an opportunity to work with her again soon.” 

  • Ben Johnson (Co-Facilitator and Trainer) 


“Katie is an amazing teacher. Not only is she well versed in her craft, she was able to take something that terrifies me (singing in front of people while improvising!) and make it fun. I grew a lot in her class and I owe a lot of my new found confidence to her.” 

  • Joy Masters (Former Student) 


“Katie Hammond is the teacher everyone should inspire to be. Her expertise in improv is only bettered by her willingness to help a student grow and learn to not just better themself as a performer but as a person as well.  I have completed all of the classes she teaches at The PIT and re-took a level because I enjoyed her class environment that much.”

  • Kevin McNair (Former Student)


“Having Katie Hammond as an improv teacher turned something that frightened me into something I looked forward to every week. She creates the most supportive atmosphere which allows for better learning. I’ve taken several improv classes and have never experienced a more effective instructor. She helped me to bond with my classmates and believe in my abilities. If anyone has a chance to be taught by Katie Hammond, DO IT.”

  • Paula Pickreign (Former Student) 


“I have had Katie as an improv teacher at The PIT as well as a consultant for an independent group. With bottomless encouragement and thoughtful critique, Katie brings a beautiful balance of fun and productivity to every session. She is quick to create and maintain a safe and comfortable space for all participants. Katie’s positive energy is contagious, and she has a profound understanding of people. I hae seen her work magic time and time again to get shy participants out of their shell, establish important boundaries, and strengthen group relationships. Any team would be lucky to have Katie leading them!” 

  • Elaine White (Former Student) 

“As a podcaster and convention panelist, I took Katie Hammonds course to improve my skills in improvisation and comedic timing. To say it was successful is an understatement. Not only did it help unlock creative skills I didn’t know I had, but it also allowed me to see a discernible increase in my ability to observe and react to social cues and conversational opportunities. Additionally, Katie Hammond's energetic teaching style made every course a delight and inspired us to try any exercise to the height of our intelligence. I would recommend her for anyone looking to learn how to add a bit of spontaneity to their talks and social functions.”

  • Jesus Rodriguez (Former Student)


“I have had the privilege to take multiple classes taught by Katie Hammond. Each class with increasing challenges and opportunities for growth.  The reasons I continue to seek her out as an instructor are numerous and varied. Katie has the uncanny ability to pinpoint each student’s needs to facilitate their growth without slowing down the class.  She highlights strengths and progress as well so you feel confident knowing you are moving in the right direction. Of her many excellent qualities, her kindness, tremendous sense of humor, and her ability to make each class the most fun you could ever have in a learning environment are just a few of the reasons one should seek her out as one of the absolute best improv instructors and mentors.” 

  • Brian Davie (Former Student)


“Katie Hammond is by far the best teacher I have ever had. She is energetic, kind, and supportive; but most importantly she is a gifted communicator and educator. Every lesson she presents is extremely thorough and easy to understand. Learning from Katie feels like having a key handed to you which unlocks the subject being taught. She is always positive when teaching and doesn't tell students they can't do something; she instead focuses on how to help them grasp the topic. She is also skilled at adapting and fine-tuning her lessons to suit each person or group's individual needs. I would jump at the chance to learn literally anything from her.”

  • Heather Jewels Booth (Former Student)

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